Felicity Dineen, LCPC

Felicity Dineen

Areas of Expertise

Mood Disorders
Domestic Violence
Adolescent Behavior Issues


(630) 269-2886

Professional Summary

Hi! My name is Felicity Dineen and I am a licensed clinical professional counselor. When life feels overwhelming and out of control, therapy can be an incredible way to help you take control and gain the skills to handle future life stressors. While we cannot predict what might come up day to day, we can learn how to respond to life’s unpredictability in a healthy and productive way.

Each day, many expectations are placed on our shoulders, often creating tension with loved ones or in our relationships. You don’t need to feel alone in exploring how to handle past, present, or future stressors. I am excited to work with you collaboratively to help you reach your therapeutic goals and live your best possible life. I take a warm, compassionate approach to therapy, making you and your wellness my priority. It is important to build a trusting and open relationship in order to fully help you reach your desired outcome, either for yourself or your relationship. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, abuse, loss, or relationship conflicts, we can work together to help you feel strong and secure and restore your sense of connection.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and at ease, and I know this is something we can achieve together. Thank you for taking the brave step toward living your best life.

Felicity works with individuals, children, teens, and couples and has experience working with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, domestic violence, and adolescent behavior issues.