Krystal Glassman, LPC


Areas of Expertise


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Professional Summary

Hello! My name is Krystal Glassman and I am a licensed professional counselor. In today’s world, we have so many demands and might feel pulled in different directions. Because of these demands, it can make life more difficult and hard to manage, especially if we are out of balance. I take more of a holistic approach to therapy by looking at the whole person and will help you identify your values and who you want to be. I will focus on your strengths and will help you find a way to better live in this world. I provide a safe space to all and will encourage and motivate you, while providing genuineness and empathy. Sessions are tailored to the individual and consist of cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques as well as acceptance practices. I will help you increase psychological flexibility and identify behaviors and thoughts that will move you closer to your goals and values.

I also find that many people struggle with feelings of being “stuck” and will help you identify patterns and work toward practical solutions. I not only address the symptoms but look deeper and get to the heart of the matter. I will create an environment that fosters a mind-body connection. I believe by increasing this awareness you will be able to better understand yourself and the world around you. I look forward to helping you create a more fulfilling, balanced life.

Krystal has completed an externship in emotion-focused couples therapy (EFT) through the Chicago Center for Emotion-Focused Therapy. She enjoys working with couples who wish to better manage conflict and work toward accepting and understanding one another. She also loves working with adults and teens who seek relief from anxiety, OCD, phobias, stress, parenting and other adjustment challenges, eating disorders, and depression. Krystal has experience working with adults and teens who are survivors of trauma, woman with adjustment challenges, and persons struggling with anxiety and depression.