Adult Counseling

  • Wondering what happened to the fun in life?
  • Does it feel like life has just gotten more and more difficult?
  • Are you missing that person you used to be?

You’re not alone. Many of us find that as we take on more and more responsibilities in life, it hasn’t gotten any easier. One day we wake up and wonder, What happened to that more fun-loving person I used to be? That old me that used to find joy and love and life easier?

It’s really understandable that in this day and age, we can become overwhelmed by life’s demands and feel stressed, overwhelmed, or stuck in some way. We may find that our relationships, job, or family life pose challenges we never expected, or don’t sustain us in the way we thought they would. We might be feeling anxious, depressed, lonely, or depleted. We may feel as though we’re on a treadmill, not knowing how to get off, with little time to take care of ourselves or even sort through all that is going on.

At Life Counseling Institute, we know that counseling can really help. We’re biased, of course, but as we often say, Why would we not all want time to pause and consider our lives and learn how to best navigate this complicated journey of life?

adult counseling
adult counseling

Counseling can provide you with a safe, warm, welcoming place in which your therapist can help you find:

  • Clarity in your life, the ability to make sense of what is going on
  • Self awareness…an understanding of how you developed the patterns you have
  • Self compassion and self acceptance (wouldn’t that be great!)
  • Better understanding of your relationships
  • Positive coping strategies
  • A sense of calm, evenness, and peace
  • Improved communication skills
  • Better life balance
  • Resiliency…the ability to roll with life challenges
  • Meaning and purpose in life

Our job is to guide you to be more connected to yourself and who you were meant to be…to get you in touch with what you’re feeling…because after all, those feelings are your best guide to what you need in life. We’ll help you feel more connected with your true self and find your way onto the life path you were meant to be on all along.

Give us a call at (630) 269-2886 to schedule your counseling appointment today. You deserve to feel better soon, and we’d love to help.