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“I’m Sorry, But…”

By Krystal Glassman, LPC “I’m sorry, but…”   These three words…well, I hear them way too often in my work as a couples counselor.   While…
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Learned Helplessness

By Krystal Glassman, LPC Learned helplessness is a concept that has been around for some time. After working with many clients who exhibit depressive and…
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Softening Your Inner Critic

By Kelsey Miller, LPC As a therapist I often hear my clients describe having an ever-present, critical, nit-picking inner critic. They struggle with self-doubt and…
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Why I Love My Messy House

As I sit here entering deeper into the black hole of Instagram, scrolling through pictures of people who I don’t even remember,  I find myself…
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Vitamin L

By Krystal Glassman, LPC Being raised in a health conscious environment by parents who had an extensive background in nutrition and alternative medicine, I had…
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Feelings are Hard

By Felicity Dineen, LCPC As a therapist I feel like I say, “What does that feel like for you?” at least 100 times per day.…
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