Are you…

  • Questioning your own use of alcohol or another drug?
  • Just out of a treatment program for chemical dependency?
  • Someone with years in recovery but struggling with a life transition?

We understand addictions for what is it: a disease that you did not ask to have.

Let Go of the Shame

Most people who come to us for help with an addiction problem are struggling with enormous shame—they feel terrible about themselves and the impact of their problem on the lives of their loved ones. This shame can foster denial of the problem, fueling continuation of the problem and more pain for the individual and their family.

In the Right Environment…

In the right environment, with a therapist who understands the true nature of addiction, shame can be gently and carefully healed.

Reclaim Your Life

If your life has become progressively harder and more complicated and you suspect that alcohol or drugs play a role, please come in and learn how to:

  • Find more effective ways to cope with life, without the use of chemicals
  • Improve your relationships with others
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Reduce stress
  • Find a path to serenity and peace in your life
  • Alter your lifestyle to support recovery
  • Cope with overwhelming feelings

We look forward to working with you on the path to reclaiming your life.

Be sure to see our services for family members of chemically dependent people.

We have offices in both the southwest suburb of Willowbrook and just over the city line in the northwest suburb of Park Ridge. Please call us at (630) 269-2886 or email us to get started.