“Codependency” describes the behaviors, attitudes, and though patterns frequently seen in people living with an active addiction in the home.

The features are:

  • High tolerance for inappropriate behavior in others
  • Controlling behavior
  • Indirect, dramatic, or absent communication
  • Anger, rage
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Enabling behavior (allows the addict to continue the addictive behavior)
  • Caretaking, rescuing
  • Doing more and more for less and less
  • Excessive sense of responsibility for the well-being of others
  • Preoccupation with another person and their problems, with increasing difficulty focusing on self

Interestingly—and surprisingly to many people—you can be codependent to any dysfunction, whether it’s:

  • a child’s behavior problem
  • your spouse’s anger management issue
  • loved one’s depression or other problem
  • excessive/compulsive behaviors in someone else

The Greatest Gift

If you relate to these features, we invite you to give yourself the greatest gift you might ever receive—the tools and knowledge to extricate yourself from the tangled web of codependency.

Learn to:

  • Detach from others’ dysfunctional behavior
  • Free yourself from taking on other’s problems as though they are yours
  • Feel less angry and resentful
  • Get clarity about your choices
  • Take care of yourself while becoming less preoccupied with others
  • Clarify your own identity, passions, and interests

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We look forward to working with you on the path to reclaiming your life.

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