Vitamin L

Being raised in a health conscious environment by parents who had an extensive background in nutrition and alternative medicine, I had the opportunity to learn quite a bit about the body, nutrition, and physical health. At age 6, I began taking a variety of vitamins and supplements that I was told would make me strong and healthy. I was also encouraged to do many forms of exercise to add to my strength and well-being.  Thinking back, I’m grateful to my parents for supporting my physical health, but as an adult I realized there was more to a whole person besides the physical.  

It’s seems to me another vitamin exists, and that one is Vitamin L, or Vitamin Love.  I’m not sure who coined this term, but when I heard this it, I felt compelled to expand on and share it. Being an avid supporter of attachment theory, which explores the way we bonded with our parents and hence with each other, I was naturally drawn to this idea.  Many times, emotional needs go neglected or are suggested to be less important than physical needs. That is simply not true. Here’s my thoughts on how Vitamin L can be prescribed in our lives! 

Vitamin L 


Daily doses of Vitamin L throughout the day. Quality and consistency are the most beneficial. 


From primary attachment figures, namely parents. Other sources include: grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, caretakers, friends, extended family members, and pets. 

Type or route of administration: 

Hugs, kisses, holding hands, positive words of affirmation, attunement, quality time, snuggling, and smiles.

If deficient, may exhibit negative mood and behaviors such as: 

Insecurities, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, confusion, anger, frustration, or numbness which could impact school, work, relationships, and physical health in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. 


None reported. 

DIY Recipe: 

2 doses of acceptance

2 doses of safety

2 doses of belonging

2 doses of support 

Sprinkle of Vitamin L 

Combine above ingredients and serve to those you love in a variety of ways as suggested above. 

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